Zane Kuchera is a contemporary composer and lyricist, collaborating with other songwriters globally to arrange, record, and publicly release music. He writes music available in music libraries throughout the world and licensed by music supervisors for film & TV. Zane also composes music and lyrics for theatre, advertisements, documentaries, and independent films (IMDb).

As a music producer and audio engineer, Zane assists musicians with arranging, mixing, and mastering their album releases in his recording studio. Zane teaches music theory, songwriting, piano, and voice techniques.

As an ASCAP music publisher (Zane Kuchera Music) and ASCAP composer, his music is published on all of the main music streaming services, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and AMI Entertainment. Zane is also the BMI publisher (Zane Kuchera Worldwide Music Publishing).

Empathy 2022 Album

Empathy 2022 Album Preview Music Video

5.0 out of 5 stars
Marvelous music!!
Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2023
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Only a talented composer can transform the essence of a lyricist’s words into beautiful music. Zane’s book, “Empathy” is marvelous.

Susan Kahn

In Voice 2021 Album

In Voice 2021 Album Preview Music Video


3/22/23 Check out my published music books on paperback and Kindle e-book formats! * Amazon Author page

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4/8/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Better Days” (Pop/Folk/Jazz) – “Watch for changes that come over, a smile that lasts forever, everyday moving forward will be better than before, there will be better days”, Words by Barry Watson (U.K.) , music & performance by Zane Kuchera Buy Sheet Music

3/11/23 Zane Kuchera Music released All We Need – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(AC/Jazz/Pop) – All the good things we need are right there in front of our eyes – family and friends. Words: John Longmuir, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

3/3/23 Zane Kuchera Music released It’s Okay – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(AC/Jazz/Pop) – “It’s okay to love me now, no one need care, me and your lonely heart no body seemed ever there, it’s okay to show me how”. Words: Katie Sage, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

3/3/23 Zane Kuchera Music released Social Lubrication – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Instrumental tracks)
(AC/Jazz/Cabaret) – Contemporary Jazz in the style of Burt Bacharach, Herb Alpert, Henry Mancini. Story about being alone in a bar or nightclub, feeling social anxiety and needing alcohol as social lubrication to talk to strangers, but being aware of their masks, falsehoods, and manipulation, anything to connect with someone at any level. Words, music, performance: Zane Kuchera

2/1/23 My original music songbooks are now available at Barnes & Noble

  1. In Voice 2021: (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook) $26.80 (146 pages)
  2. Empathy 2022: (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook) $17.90 (98 pages)

1/27/23 Zane Kuchera Music released Come Back Home – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(AC/Jazz/Cabaret) – “The door is open, the porch lights on, has been ever since you been gone, every mended fence stands strong, waiting for you, back where you belong, I’ll welcome you into my embrace, wipe the tears from your face, you never again need feel alone, so if you please, just stay back home.” Words: David M. Murray, music & performance: Zane Kuchera

1/20/23 Zane Kuchera Music released Everyday Magic – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(Pop/AC/Jazz) – “She buys paperbacks at the grocery store, loses her phone and her car keys, don’t know why that makes me love her more but she drives me crazy every time she smiles at me, oh my God how she smiles at me.” Words: Paul Tapp , music & performance: Zane Kuchera

12/9/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Coffee And A Scone – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(AC/Jazz/Cabaret) – “Coffee and a Scone” is about a relationship that didn’t end in the best way, so there’s a last meeting to talk everything out. And in your head you keep reminding yourself it’s just a coffee and a scone, one last talk that’s not gonna fix anything between you two, but deep down you find it difficult to let the other person go. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), Music & performance: Zane Kuchera

11/25/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Home – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(Pop/AC/Jazz)  “Home” is about 2 broken people trying to be whole together and it just not working out, trying different ways to feel complete together and each one ending in disaster. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), music & performance: Zane Kuchera

11/11/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Keep Telling Myself – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(Pop/AC/Jazz)  “I keep telling myself, won’t fall for your charms, I deserve better than this, before I suspected, I am back in your arms, losing myself in your kiss”. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), music & performance: Zane Kuchera

10/30/22 Zane Kuchera is the “Empathy 2022” album producer, composer, and performing artist for the vocal studio albumEmpathy 2022“, and physical CD. 12 Pop/Adult Contemporary/Jazz/Easy Listening original songs with lyricists spanning the globe. Accompanying Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle digital formats. YouTube video preview.

10/22/22 My new physical CD “Empathy 2022” (12 Pop songs by 12 lyricists from around the world) will be manufactured and shipped directly to you from Kunaki

Order & ship directly to you

10/2/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Ex Marks The Spot – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(Pop/AC/Folk swing) “Now I’m on my own splitting checks into two, I thought you were a treasure ’till you did me like you do, Ex marks the spot where my money goes, she don’t cut me no slack, she just wants that cash flow, oh”. Words: Jeff Kelly (TX), music & performance: Zane Kuchera

9/26/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Piece of You – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
(Pop/AC/Folk) “And there’s nothing I can do so darling please forgive me, I’ll take any piece of you that you’re willing to give me”. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), music & performance: Zane Kuchera

9/18/22 Zane Kuchera Music released She’s Never Wrong – EP Buy Sheet Music
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
“She’s Never Wrong” (Pop/AC/Folk) “She’s so righteous, she’s so strong, sometimes she might be mistaken, but she’s never wrong”. Words: Paul Tapp , music & performance: Zane Kuchera

9/5/22 Press Release Zane Kuchera Music releases his “Empathy 2022” album

9/3/22 distributes my songbooks as both eBooks (Kindle) and printed bound paperback books (standard letter size)

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Music Reviews

“Zane’s unique music and production creativity is shown off here in this song’s gorgeous instrumental intro, middle and outro  riffs, and in its  pretty melodic verses that are enhanced by Zane’s sweet vocal tones in his interpretation of  Bogi Taylor’s Breezy lyrics” – Zola (Music Producer)

“My favorite part of the whole song is how you switched the rhythm from ternary to binary beat to embody the lyrics’ summons to ‘get up out of your chair…”  It is so cool.  I literally felt edgy where I was sitting before I even could hear the exact lyrics or knew what you were doing rhythmically.  Then I went back to figure out how you did that.  In the whole song you manage to melodically and harmonically subtly convey the longing and the imperative to take a risk. ” – Martha Rogers (Music Education Professional)

“Absolutely beautiful. The lyrics and the melody melded so perfectly and what a beautiful message reminded me of a Disney song in the best sense.  A Positive inspirational song loved it!!!” – Elaine Mata Jones (Composer/Performing Artist)

“Kuchera drives the song ever onward with unresolved chords which show that letting the breeze in is good for a stagnant, stubborn soul. “ – Bonnie MacLeod (Pianist/Composer/Cabaret Artist)

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Zane Kuchera Multimedia Production & Design uses technology, engineering, and innovation to integrate the artistic and scientific worlds of audio and visual media, providing rich and compelling sensory experiences.

Zane Kuchera

Zane is an award-winning software engineer, specializing in the design and implementation of real-time data acquisition & control systems for computer network devices installed at Disney Theme Parks and other large performance venues by Crest Audio and Peavey NexSys products, DOD military GPS Radiac mapping equipment, and remote access and network router management by Microcom, Compaq, Bay Networks, and Nortel. Computer Systems Management applications designed by Zane and his development teams are utilized by companies such as Stratus that are installed in bank and stock market data centers for mission-critical applications requiring fault tolerant and redundancy computer systems.

Zane Kuchera is an audio engineer, contemporary songwriter, composer and orchestrator. He earned a Master Certificate from Berklee College of Music in Orchestration for Film and TV and a Lyric Writing Specialist Certificate. Zane arranges for large orchestral ensembles and smaller contemporary pop/jazz/R&B bands.