Paul Norman Tapp

9/6/23 Paul Tapp

I’ve been writing song lyric for fifty years now. It’s always such a great joy when others get to hear your work. To quote the great lyricist Sammy Cahn it sure was a “kick in the head” when Zane recorded our songs and released them as singles but now to include them on this album it’s just way over the moon. Thanks Zane.

  • Everyday Magic

    EVERYDAY MAGIC Words by Paul Norman Tapp ©2023 She Buys Paperbacks At The Grocery Store Loses Her Phone And Her Car Keys Don’t Know Why That Makes Me Love Her More But She Drives Me Crazy Every Time She Smiles At Me Oh My God How She Smiles, At Me How Do I Get High…

  • She’s Never Wrong

    SHE’S NEVER WRONG Words by Paul Norman Tapp ©2022 She’s Such A Good Person She Loves Her Family But It Ain’t Always Roses Sometimes We Disagree About The Little Things That Come Up In Life Oh She’s My Woman Yeah She’s My Wife And She’s So Righteous She’s So Strong Sometimes She Might Be Mistaken…