👋 I’m Zane Kuchera, a 2014 Berklee College of Music graduate, Boston-based musician, composer (Jazz/Pop/Adult Contemporary/Cabaret), music producer, publisher, and multi-instrumentalist.

If you’re unfamiliar with my music, take a few moments to 👀👂watch my music video demo reel, which gives you just a few seconds of each song from my albums…

👏 Fans say my music belongs in a musical or a Disney movie. I just compose what the words make me feel. The story unfolds emotionally, audibly, and visually. The genres overlap jazz, pop, cabaret, musical theatre, adult contemporary, singer/songwriter, and folk. I use state-of-the-art digitally sampled sound libraries to reproduce instrumentation, notation apps to create the parts for band and orchestra, my voice alone seeing a microphone in my recording studio where the final masters are made and distributed to streaming services and online music stores. Sheet music is available through Hal Leonard Press. Video is synchronized to music. I am the music producer at ZaneKuchera.com

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📣 My Newest Release “Every Little Thing”
🎵📽️ Vocal & instrumental recordings

5/5/24 Zane Kuchera Music released “Every Little Thing” (Pop/Jazz/Rock).  “Every little thing about her from her laugh to her touch, she’s the melody to my song”. Words: Wayne Orr, Music & performance: Zane Kuchera https://album.link/mf6zgc098jmct

📣 My Recent Release “Life Is Our Encore”
🎵📽️ Vocal & instrumental recordings

4/25/24 Zane Kuchera Music released “Life Is Our Encore” (Pop/AC/Cabaret/Jazz). Telling a tale of a chance meeting in the South of France; life’s secrets and illusions. “Where do we go when we dream, and we come to an open door, I don’t know for sure, but surely life is our encore”. Full orchestral accompaniment. Words: Paul Norman Tapp , music & performance: Zane Kuchera https://album.link/qrc324rx5x8rs

🎭 Newest Instrumental Album Released: “Home 2023 (Instrumentals)”

10/2/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Home 2023 (Instrumentals) “ – 20 original contemporary Pop/Jazz/Cabaret instrumental songs Buy Songbook Buy CD

🎭 Newest Vocal Album Released: “Home 2023”


9/21/23 Zane Kuchera Music presents the “Home 2023” album of 20 original contemporary Pop/Jazz/Cabaret songs that weave tales of life’s emotional journeys, accompanied by lush full orchestral and rhythmic pop band ensemble arrangements, and lyrics penned by 10 storytelling lyricists.

The studio recordings sound as if they could be Disney animated film soundtracks or onstage at a Broadway musical in the style of Stephen Sondheim and Stephen Schwartz’s classic works.

Watch & Listen : 👀👂 https://album.link/cwrkg4rqjtfjt

Song List:

  1. All We Need
  2. Better Days
  3. Coffee And A Scone
  4. Come Back Home
  5. Different Standards
  6. Everyday Magic
  7. Ex Marks The Spot
  8. Find Your Voice
  9. Home
  10. It’s Okay
  11. Keep Telling Myself
  12. Let’s Get Back (Where We Belong) 
  13. Little Pessimistic
  14. Nameless
  15. Piece Of You
  16. She’s Never Wrong
  17. Slow Nature
  18. Social Lubrication
  19. Taking Stock
  20. Would Be Fine


Music, arrangements, recordings, production, performance by Zane Kuchera

Lyrics by:

  1. Barry Watson – Better Days
  2. Carrie Croteau – Find Your Voice, Taking Stock
  3. David M. Murray – Come Back Home
  4. Jeff Kelly – Ex Marks The Spot
  5. John Longmuir – All We Need, Let’s Get Back (Where We Belong)
  6. Katie Sage – It’s Okay
  7. Kevin Nevel – Nameless, Slow Nature
  8. Paul Norman Tapp – Everyday Magic, She’s Never Wrong
  9. Zane Kuchera – Social Lubrication
  10. Zoë aan de Wiel – Coffee And A Scone, Different Standards, Home, Keep Telling Myself, Little Pessimistic, Piece Of You, Would Be Fine

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