“Every Little Thing”

Every Little Thing” (Pop/Jazz/Rock) “Every little thing about her from her laugh to her touch, she’s the melody to my song”.

Words by Wayne Orr (WayneOrr.com), Music & performance by Zane Kuchera 5/5/24


Words by Wayne Orr (ASCAP) ©2024

Every little thing about her
From her laugh to her touch
She's the melody to my song
I love her oh so much
The rhythm to my heartbeat
The reason for my rhyme
In this crazy world
She's the best thing
That's ever been mine

She walks into the room
And time just seems to freeze
Her smile shines so bright
It puts my heart at ease
My sunshine in the morning
My moonlight in the night
Every moment with her
Perfect so right


When she holds my hand
I feel like I can fly
With her by my side
No where I'd rather be
Her eyes sparkle like the stars
Lighting up my darkest days
I thank the lord above
For sending me her way


Through the ups and downs she's stood by me strong
In her arms I've found where I truly belong
I'll love her forever with all that I am
She's the one who holds the key
To my heart's grand slam


(ZaneKuchera.com) https://album.link/mf6zgc098jmct