Aside from composing and publishing his own musical works, Zane assists other performing artists, lyricists, and songwriters locally and remotely from around the world by producing professional products for public distribution and publication.

In his recording and post-production studio, Zane is equipped with the latest technologies, experience, education, and tools to compose, arrange, record, mix, master, synchronize to video, create full orchestra conductor scores, instrument parts, lead sheets, piano/vocal/guitar sheet music, songbooks in Kindle E-book and paperback formats, digital streaming service distribution, and music video creation.


David M. Murray

“I’m fortunate to have collaborated with Zane Kuchera for several years now.  If you’re looking for a new collaboration and it feels like you’re shooting in the dark, all your concerns vanish when you work with Zane.  I don’t have to tell you what a great musician, singer, producer he is, you can hear that for yourself.  What I can...
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Carrie Croteau

“I had the pleasure of working with Zane Kuchera on our song “Taking Stock”. He was very easy to work with and a complete professional. I have never worked with another musician who was as thorough and efficient as Zane. In no time at all our song went from just an idea to streaming on several platforms. His experience as...
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Zoë aan de Wiel

“Zane is a great man to work with and has a very distinct sound to his music. He always finds a way to give life to the lyrics. Communication is always quick, efficient and friendly. 10/10 would recommend working with him”
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Paul Norman Tapp

“When you are working with Zane, things go the way they should. Communication is straight forward and most importantly drama free. Zane is the most consummate professional anyone could hope to work with. Beyond the music itself, Zane is well versed on the business of music. He will deliver the song to multiple music platforms and see to it that...
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John Longmuir

"I have been working with Zane for the past 2-3 years and have been impressed with his musical abilities.  Zane is able to take my lyrics from the page and craft excellent melodies and a complete song, including mixing and production.  It has been a pleasure to work with Zane and to hear the wonderful songs he produces using my...
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Cathy Corcoran

"Zane’s Music for 'As You Like It' - I recently had the very great privilege and pleasure to work with Zane Kuchera, composer of the original music for “As You Like It,” a Shakespeare in the Park production by Gazebo Players of Medfield, MA. Composing music for a Shakespearean production presents a unique challenge of blending the vision of the...
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Katie Cameron Sage

“Zane Kuchera ... fun and sensitive to the subtle nuances of lyrical expression as it fit the music ... and ... has a natural flair for ability to create Film Score background ...” - musician
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Jamie Murphy

“Zane Kuchera is a talented, conscientious, music producer/writer/ recording engineer. I hired Zane a number of times to produce/record my original songs. Zane is skilled in music production and has a professional attitude to match. I would not hesitate to recommend Zane for a variety of creative musical projects, including scoring for jingles and film/video.” - songwriter
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David Logan-Morrow

"Zane worked with me composing the music for the five songs William Shakespeare wrote for his play, AS YOU LIKE IT. Unlike some composers, Zane readily understood what was needed and went about the task without flinching! Working with Zane was indeed a pleasure and I'd do it again in a heartbeat ... music is unique, beautiful, powerful, personal and...
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Melissa Li

"You were professional, experienced, skilled, and extraordinarily reliable. You were familiar and confident with your work, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Not to mention you were friendly, supportive, and easy to work with! I highly recommend you for any type of composition, transcribing, or notation work" - playwright
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Wayne Fritsche

"I was so pleased to witness Zane's debut as a solo cabaret singer at Amazing Things this week. Zane is a true delight as a person: kind and gentle and compassionate with a well of emotions that is both deep and very near the surface. These words could also be used to describe him as a performer. In a set...
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Tulip Songs International

“An engaging performance where Zane, with his tall and handsome elegance, peers into your soul with his clear blue eyes and caresses you with his warm soothing vocals. He delivers the song directly to your heart from his with a beautiful balance of raw emotion infused with passion and musical technique.” - publisher
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Elaine Orsillo

“Zane is a knowledgeable passionate teacher. What I enjoy most is his willingness to gear his lessons to your needs as a student, often asking you what you are more interested in studying or where you feel your weaknesses are. He is always ready to answer your questions, and his enthusiasm and love of teaching is apparent from the first...
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Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"In every song, Zane wears his heart on his sleeve, and it's a gorgeous heart. Zane's strong tenor rings out with understated candor" - publication
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Amazing Things Arts Center

"Zane Kuchera sings with conviction - allowing the words to come through him and have meaning for him and the audience. His lovely tenor voice is a pleasure to hear." ... "You were absolutely wonderful - so open, so sincere, so communicative, so real. And you sang beautifully. Thank you for a splendid evening." - performance venue
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Gazebo Players of Medfield

“The Shakespeare production of "As You Like It" was memorable for the original music composed by Zane Kuchera. Shakespeare's script is punctuated with many songs, and Composer Kuchera set Shakespeare's words to music, allowing the cast to sing Shakespeare's words as well as say them” - publication
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David Morrow

"I spent the morning listening to the songs on this CD. In a few words (well, more than a few) Mr. Kuchera's music is unique, beautiful, powerful, personal and moving. When a singer can open up his soul and share his feelings with people he's never met -- that's an artist. These are not merely lyrics set to music. They...
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Richard Wayne

Zane’s studio is polished, professional, and high-tech, but also comfortable and welcoming a singer’s dream, much like Zane himself.  Highly recommended!” - actor
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Jon Gilbert Leavitt

“I’ve known Zane Kuchera for close to two decades now through music collaboration and composition, and his insight and skills have only gotten better over time. Although a formal musical education is an important asset, to have the ear, and have the gift of music from the soul and be able to convey that to other artists’ projects is a unique talent....
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”Zane Kuchera  has many years of experience working as a composer, arranger and music producer on projects for clients worldwide.  His technical, sound engineering  and music theory knowledge, paired with his many years of practical experience in the studio is an asset to any songwriter, vocalist and musician and that, together with his patience and easy manner, makes him a...
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2/28/24 Zeronimo Rabbit’s Number Songs · Amy Syd
“Celebrate Zero Day and educate children on all the zero numbers leading up to 100 – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100!”
Children’s music arranged, recorded & produced by Zane Kuchera Music
℗ 2024 Amy Syd Babcock

5/13/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Juliet (feat. Anya Klumpenhower) – EP
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
Juliet – “You’re just a Juliet. You don’t know what love is yet. You see the world through rose colored glasses”. Words/Vocals: Anya Klumpenhower, music: Zane Kuchera

5/13/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Crying In The Rain (feat. Anya Klumpenhower) – EP
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
Crying In The Rain – “There’s nothing like crying in the rain. Letting all the running water overwhelm the running pain. I’m finally clean”. Words/Vocals: Anya Klumpenhower, music: Zane Kuchera

4/21/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Fairy Tale – Sarah Harris Remix
(Female vocal track)
“Fairy Tale – Sarah Harris Remix” (Pop/AC) – A Disney princess kind of song with words like “Jumping into fairy tales, looking for one that will last, finding it’s harder each time with a heart that’s made of glass”, and other profound and empathic lyrics by Sarah Harris of Synchronicity House Media, music by Zane Kuchera

1/6/22 My Reverie – Compositions For Solo Piano
Composed & Performed by Bonnie MacLeod
Summary: 17 Original Classical & Jazz songs like works by Fredrick Chopin, Debussy, and Liszt

4/6/21 Bravada
Composed & Performed by Bonnie MacLeod
Summary: Original Jazz & Classical inspired solo piano compositions

12/4/20 Don’t Need To Be Right (Feat. Elaine Mata Jones) – Single
Vocals: Elaine Mata Jones, words: Elena Joyner, music: Zane Kuchera
Summary: Song about leaving an emotionally abusive relationship
Buy Sheet Music

12/2/20 Hold Christmas In Your Heart – Single (Lyrics)
Words & vocals: Elaine Orsillo, music: Zane Kuchera
Summary: Christmas song about keeping that wonderful Christmas feeling of giving and warmth and love all year long.
Buy Sheet Music

In The Light – Angelic Invocations
Words by Pamela Trosino
Music by Zane Kuchera
Summary: 60 minutes of guided angelic meditations and accompanying new age music. It’s a chance for you to establish a quiet time to reflect, relax, and renew in the presence of the angels.

Look the Dragon in the Eye
Words and music by Martha Rogers

Lonely Boy – Single
Jamie Murphy

Zane Kuchera Records Presents Singer/Songwriter Showcase Volume I
©℗ 2008 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide
Genre: Pop
An eclectic mix of 22 songs in the genres of Folk, Pop, Jazz, Cabaret, and R&B from various recording artists.

Girl in the Picture Frame
Rachel Katz

An Armful of Flowers
Amy Syd

Zola’s Jollypop Stagecoach

This SoundCloud playlist includes my song collaboration with Elena J. She’s on vocals, I’m the band