Zane collaborates with lyricists remotely from countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom, as well as the United States. Here are some of the authors and their lyrics which Zane composed and performed the music.


  • Aisha De Freitas

    👀: 22

  • Anya Klumpenhower

    👀: 18

  • Barry Watson

    👀: 18

  • Bogi Taylor

    👀: 16

  • Carrie Ann Croteau

    👀: 25 9/5/23 Carrie Croteau Hello! This is Carrie Croteau, the lyricist for “Find Your Voice” and “Taking Stock”. I would just like to thank Zane for his support and congratulate him on this wonderful new album. I hope everyone enjoys it and if you like my lyrics and would like to see more please…

  • Christopher Wisdom

    👀: 25

  • Cosette Dubei

    👀: 15

  • David M. Murray

    👀: 15 9/5/23 David M. Murray David M. Murray, Seekonk, MA – I’m honored to be part of Zane’s latest release, and to be in the company of such wonderful lyricists.  The creative process is indescribably rewarding all by itself, but when you’re lucky enough to put your lyrics in the hands of Zane Kuchera……

  • Elaine Orsillo

    👀: 18

  • Jeff Kelly

    👀: 50

  • John Longmuir

    👀: 20 9/5/23 John Longmuir Here’s something that I’d like to add about myself:  John Longmuir enjoys many genres of storytelling and music – from one end of the spectrum to the other.  He has been writing poetry and lyrics for over 40 years, working with artists in many countries.  It’s always a magical experience…

  • Katie Sage

    👀: 18 9/12/23 Katie Cameron Sage has been involved with the Music Industry since 1977 working for Freehold Music, Princeton Record Exchange and then as an Executive Buyer for the legendary Tower Records.  Currently living in Burbank, CA near the Walt Disney Studios, she is an independent Story Writer.Katie has collaborated with Zane Kuchera since 1978,…

  • Keith Gilman

    👀: 23

  • Kevin Nevel

    👀: 30

  • Liam O’Grady

    👀: 12

  • Malte Schlake

    👀: 22

  • Mike Daniels

    👀: 9

  • Paul Norman Tapp

    👀: 33 9/6/23 Paul Tapp I’ve been writing song lyric for fifty years now. It’s always such a great joy when others get to hear your work. To quote the great lyricist Sammy Cahn it sure was a “kick in the head” when Zane recorded our songs and released them as singles but now to…

  • Ron Paul

    👀: 11

  • Sarah Harris

    👀: 16

  • Suzanne Carroll

    👀: 29

  • Tate-Madison Bell

    👀: 32

  • Wayne Orr

    👀: 27

  • Zane Kuchera

    👀: 17

  • Zoë aan de Wiel

    👀: 36