Carrie Ann Croteau

9/5/23 Carrie Croteau

Hello! This is Carrie Croteau, the lyricist for “Find Your Voice” and “Taking Stock”. I would just like to thank Zane for his support and congratulate him on this wonderful new album. I hope everyone enjoys it and if you like my lyrics and would like to see more please feel free to check out my page on under my name, Carrie Croteau. Or just get in touch via email or social media! See ya soon!

  • Find Your Voice

    👀: 33 FIND YOUR VOICE Words by Carrie Croteau ©2023 Joey finds that words come hard Choking up, he withdraws his card He has so many things that he wants to say But he says them better when it’s done his way He’s rocking gently behind his shield Hoping the pain will yield Each string…

  • Taking Stock

    👀: 13 TAKING STOCK Words by Carrie Croteau ©2022 Someday when this life is through And you move on to pastures new You will have to turn and face your fears Going back through all the years Every joy and every win Every hurt and every sin Everything you took and gave From the cradle…