“Empathy 2022” album

Empathy 2022” is a vocal album of 12 contemporary Pop * Folk * Cabaret * Singer/Songwriter music tracks that have been composed, arranged, and performed by Zane, and created from lyrics written by authors from around the world. 


Music, arrangements, recordings, production, performance by Zane Kuchera

Lyrics by:

  1. Aisha De Freitas (Canada) – Long Story Short
  2. Barry Watson (United Kingdom) – Take Me Back
  3. Christopher Wisdom (SC) – Going For The Gold
  4. Cosette Dubei (Romania) – No Pain No Gain
  5. Katie Sage (CA) – Everyday You
  6. Liam O’Grady (Australia) – Faith Is Just Believing
  7. Malte Schlake (Germany) – Dreams of Mine
  8. Mike Daniels (PA) – Living Out My Dream
  9. Ron Paul (United Kingdom) – Forgot To Remember
  10. Sarah Harris (NY) – Masterpiece, Fairy Tale
  11. Suzanne Carroll (Ireland) – Just You and Me
  12. Zane Kuchera (MA) – Faith Is Just Believing, Dreams of Mine