“Involved 2020” album

Involved 2020” is 20 instrumental Pop/Jazz songs in small ensembles of 4 piece bands with strings and brass sections, “Involved 2020” contains instrumental versions of songs created during the isolating COVID-19 pandemic.

The 20 songs were produced in collaboration with lyricists living all over the world, including in New York, Idaho, California, Washington, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, and Australia, reaching out and connecting with other creatives through internet songwriting collaboration websites. 

As a composer, arranger, orchestrator, pianist, vocalist, and recording engineer, Zane produced these recordings and performed all of the instruments by himself, in his professional recording studio, in isolation.

Songs on the album are reminiscent of works by Stephen Sondheim, Paul McCartney, Chicago, John Bucchino, Stephen Schwartz, and Billy Joel.


Music, arrangements, recordings, production, performance by Zane Kuchera

Lyrics by:

  1. A Good Life
  2. Breaking News (Instrumental)
  3. Chasing Tomorrow (Instrumental)
  4. Dream Ago (Instrumental)
  5. Everything We Are (Instrumental)
  6. Hold Christmas In Your Heart (Instrumental)
  7. I Am Because You Are
  8. Let In The Breezy (Instrumental)
  9. Lines By Default (Instrumental)
  10. Make It
  11. Someday (Instrumental)
  12. Somewhere (Instrumental)
  13. Talking In The Rain (Instrumental)
  14. Tearing Apart (Instrumental)
  15. The Road
  16. There’s A Way (Instrumental)
  17. Tiny Stars (Instrumental)
  18. To Be Your Son Again
  19. Tradewinds (Instrumental)
  20. Where Do You Go? (Instrumental)