“Hello Friend”

Hello Friend” (Pop/Jazz/Orchestral) Performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, a professional library. Lyrics inspired 50 years ago during the viewing of a PBS series about Chopin and George Sands. This song is one friend speaking directly to the other about life, love, illusion, entrapment, reinvention and aspiration.

Words by Paul Norman Tapp, music & performance by Zane Kuchera 6/12/24


“Remarkable… the angles of Miles Davis, the flow and soar of Gershwin. No wonder the lyric waited 50 years for music. Crazy good dynamics. Wonderful.”


“Great lyrics and great video…perfect soundtrack for a movie.”


“It sounds like something off of Harry Potter. It’s very beautiful!”


“Beautiful imagery, majestic music, breathtakingly brilliant masterpiece.”


“So beautiful Zane. The sweeping ocean and dance timed perfectly to the sweeping tide and movements of life. Thank you!”


Words by Paul Norman Tapp ©2024

Hello friend
Did you hear about Chopin?
He lived on an island in a lost sea
He never knew he could be free

Old loves really never die
They remain pictured in the minds
Of free men rendered slaves
Those feelings that you try to hide
Are locked inside your heart and mind
Pounding like the ocean waves

Blow wind
I want the door wide open
A waltz is playing in the parlor
Lady may I have this dance

If you make her the one you need
Hoe the land
Oh plant the seed
Perhaps love will grow tomorrow
But when you've done all you can
And there's no yield upon the land
Don't spend your life in sorrow

False Spring
Flowers bloom and birds sing
Winter's return blankets the rose in snow
Southward all the birds have flown

Hello friend
Did you hear about Chopin?