5/13/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Juliet (feat. Anya Klumpenhower) – EP
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
Juliet – “You’re just a Juliet. You don’t know what love is yet. You see the world through rose colored glasses”. Words/Vocals: Anya Klumpenhower, music: Zane Kuchera 

5/13/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Crying In The Rain (feat. Anya Klumpenhower) – EP
(Vocal/Solo Piano/Instrumental tracks)
Crying In The Rain – “There’s nothing like crying in the rain. Letting all the running water overwhelm the running pain. I’m finally clean”. Words/Vocals: Anya Klumpenhower, music: Zane Kuchera

4/21/22 Zane Kuchera Music released Fairy Tale – Sarah Harris Remix
(Female vocal track)
“Fairy Tale – Sarah Harris Remix” (Pop/AC) – A Disney princess kind of song with words like “Jumping into fairy tales, looking for one that will last, finding it’s harder each time with a heart that’s made of glass”, and other profound and empathic lyrics by Sarah Harris of Synchronicity House Media, music by Zane Kuchera

1/6/22 My Reverie – Compositions For Solo Piano
Composed & Performed by Bonnie MacLeod
Summary: 17 Original Classical & Jazz songs like works by Fredrick Chopin, Debussy, and Liszt

4/6/21 Bravada
Composed & Performed by Bonnie MacLeod
Summary: Original Jazz & Classical inspired solo piano compositions

12/4/20 Don’t Need To Be Right (Feat. Elaine Mata Jones) – Single
Vocals: Elaine Mata Jones, words: Elena Joyner, music: Zane Kuchera
Summary: Song about leaving an emotionally abusive relationship
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12/2/20 Hold Christmas In Your Heart – Single
Words & vocals: Elaine Orsillo, music: Zane Kuchera
Summary: Christmas song about keeping that wonderful Christmas feeling of giving and warmth and love all year long.
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In The Light – Angelic Invocations
Words by Pamela Trosino
Music by Zane Kuchera
Summary: 60 minutes of guided angelic meditations and accompanying new age music. It’s a chance for you to establish a quiet time to reflect, relax, and renew in the presence of the angels.

Look the Dragon in the Eye
Words and music by Martha Rogers

Lonely Boy – Single
Jamie Murphy

Zane Kuchera Records Presents Singer/Songwriter Showcase Volume I
©℗ 2008 Zane Kuchera Music (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved World Wide
Genre: Pop
An eclectic mix of 22 songs in the genres of Folk, Pop, Jazz, Cabaret, and R&B from various recording artists.

Girl in the Picture Frame
Rachel Katz

An Armful of Flowers
Amy Syd

Zola’s Jollypop Stagecoach