Zane composed, arranged, and performed all of the music in these video clips. Full orchestral and band ensembles.



3/21/24 Zane Kuchera Music released “Life Is Good” (Pop/AC/Jazz). When all is said and done, enduring hardships, reflecting back, looking forward, choosing to look at the bright side, together, we are stronger and better. “We still have neighbors in our neighborhood, when you need a hand, it’s understood, times are hard but life is good”. Words: Paul Tapp , music & performance: Zane Kuchera
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3/12/24 Zane Kuchera Music released “Joker Jo” (Pop/AC/Jazz). A happy song about cherishing my life partner and feeling that everything is going to be okay, no matter what, because I’m walking with the one that makes me smile and reminds me of home. Words: Paul Tapp , music & performance: Zane Kuchera
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2/11/24 Zane Kuchera Music will release “I Have No One To Fear (But My Years)” (Jazz/Cabaret/Pop) – Plaintive and reflective… Inspired by Stephen Sondheim’s “Send In The Clowns” and Emeli Sandé’s “Clown”… at the end of the day, face to face with no makeup and clothes, nothing to fear but my years. Words by Ron Paul (U.K.), Music & performance by Zane Kuchera
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12/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Hold Christmas In Your Heart (Instrumental)” – A joyful original Christmas holiday season song about the love that surrounds us, shared amongst us, realized during Christmas and remembered throughout the year. Words by Elaine Orsillo, music and arrangement by Zane Kuchera
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11/19/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “All Out of Time” (AC/Jazz/Cabaret) – It’s about a relationship that’s run its course. And you know there’s no saving it, it’s just a matter of waiting until that moment when it all comes crashing down. Yet even though the relationship is unsalvageable you’re reluctant to actually end it and step away from something familiar. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), Music & performance: Zane Kuchera
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9/15/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Find Your Voice” (Jazz) – “Inside Of Your Heart There Lives Unseen Beauty And Fire, The Impossible Dream, You Have A Voice That’s Uniquely Yours, Free That Bird, Watch How It Soars”.  Words by Carrie Croteau , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
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8/22/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Little Pessimistic” (Pop/Cabaret/Jazz) – “Yeah Maybe I’m A Little Pessimistic, Throwing Pennies Into Fountains Ain’t My Thing, I Wish Life Could Be So Simplistic, Tied Up With A Neat Little String ”. Words by Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam) , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
7/8/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Would Be Fine” (Pop/Folk/Jazz) – “It would be fine if you loved me, or if you just wanted me for me… you could be mine, it’d be lovely, but baby you just want a body, and it’s always mine”. Words by Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam) , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
7/1/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Slow Nature” (Pop/AC/Jazz) – “Slow Nature” is a romantic song about enduring love that’s precious, everlasting, and worth fighting for in a world where love’s lifecycle is often brief. Words by Kevin Nevel , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
6/17/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Nameless” (Pop/AC/Jazz) – “Nameless is just another word for having no joy trapped in a room of fear you are my reason for ending these tears freeing my mind from this noise”. Words by Kevin Nevel , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
6/4/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Different Standards” (Pop/Folk/Jazz) – If my friends behaved like this I’d call them out and remind them that their happiness is worth caring about – but we’re talking about me. Words by Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam) , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
5/27/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Let’s Get Back (Where We Belong)” (Pop/Folk/Jazz) – “So, let’s get back, back to the way it was before, let’s get back, back to the days when love meant more, yes, let’s get back, let’s get back where we belong, back where we belong”, Words by John Longmuir , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
4/22/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Taking Stock” (Pop/Folk/Jazz) – “Every joy and every win, every hurt and every sin, everything you took and gave from the cradle to the grave, you will review”, Words by Carrie Croteau , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
4/8/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “Better Days” (Pop/Folk/Jazz) – “Watch for changes that come over, a smile that lasts forever, everyday moving forward will be better than before, there will be better days”, Words by Barry Watson (U.K.) , music & performance by Zane Kuchera
6/15/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “All We Need” – All the good things we need are right there in front of our eyes – family and friends. This release uses the new Berklee Berlin Orchestra digital sample library! Previous release was 3/11/23. Words: John Longmuir, music & performance: Zane Kuchera
3/3/23 Zane Kuchera Music released “It’s Okay” – “It’s okay to love me now, no one need care, me and your lonely heart no body seemed ever there, it’s okay to show me how”. Words: Katie Sage, music & performance: Zane Kuchera
12/9/22 Zane Kuchera Music released “Coffee And A Scone” (AC/Jazz/Cabaret) – “Coffee and a Scone” is about a relationship that didn’t end in the best way, so there’s a last meeting to talk everything out. And in your head you keep reminding yourself it’s just a coffee and a scone, one last talk that’s not gonna fix anything between you two, but deep down you find it difficult to let the other person go. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), Music & performance: Zane Kuchera
11/25/22 Zane Kuchera Music released “Home” (Pop/AC/Jazz) – “Home” is about 2 broken people trying to be whole together and it just not working out, trying different ways to feel complete together and each one ending in disaster. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), music & performance: Zane Kuchera
7/22/22 Zane Kuchera Music released “Faith Is Just Believing” – Loving the abuser, rationalizing with a bully: “Couldn’t we just be friendly, love without the judgment, couldn’t I remind you of someone that you love?” (AC/Folk/Pop) Words: Liam O’Grady (Australia) & Zane Kuchera
7/18/21 Zane Kuchera Music released “Letters In A Book” (Pop/Adult Contemporary) – “We are collectively greater than the sum of our parts”. Words: Bogi Taylor. Music & performance: Zane Kuchera
7/26/21 Zane Kuchera Music released “Let In The Breezy” (AC/Folk/Jazz) – “Your life begins when you step out of your comfort zone”. Words: Bogi Taylor, music & performance: Zane Kuchera
4/2/21 Zane Kuchera Music released “Chasing Tomorrow” (Pop/Adult Contemporary) – “Is everyday the same or are we looking for that unique moment where we can reflect upon it as being special? Will tomorrow be that day?” Words: Ron Paul, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 
1/1/21 Zane Kuchera Music released “Tiny Stars” (Pop) – A Disney-like song about reaching for the stars, your miracles and fantasies. Words by a young woman from Hungary, Bogi Taylor, music & performance by a Berklee College of Music graduate, Zane Kuchera


Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” – But Winter and Rough Weather (4 minutes)
Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” – Wedding Is Great Juno’s Crown (2 minutes)


Berklee College of Music Counterpoint Class Final Project (1 minute)
Berklee College of Music Orchestration Course Final Project (5 minutes)


Music Video: Don’t Need To Be Right (Feat: Elena J) (3 minutes)