Martha Rogers

After working with Zane for 17 years I have more to say than can fit into a short recommendation.  Zane has a rare mix of talents that set him apart from many professional studio producers.  He is both a teacher and a follower, an expert and a learner, a highly experienced musician and a lifelong student of music’s fundamentals, an authentic critic and an open-hearted listener, a detail-oriented engineer and a ‘go-for-it-all’ artist’s champion.   Zane’s embrace of such a wide range of qualities have meant that I have permission to take risks and feel confident that, start to finish, Zane and his studio resources will be there to guide the way.  Truly, I have gone further with my music than I ever imagined thanks to Zane’s work and his remarkable commitment to both the highest quality of sound engineering and the highest quality of personal artistic style.  Anyone working with him is in the best of hands to manifest their creative vision.” – songwriter

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