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Empathy 2022
Music & performance: Zane Kuchera, lyrics: Ron Paul, Christopher Wisdom, Katie Sage, Suzanne Carroll, Aisha De Freitas, Barry Watson, Cosette Dubei, Liam O’Grady, Malte Schlake, Mike Daniels, Sarah Harris, Zane Kuchera.

“Empathy 2022” is an album of 12 contemporary Pop * Folk * Cabaret * Singer/Songwriter music tracks that have been composed, arranged, and performed by Zane, and created from lyrics written by authors from around the world. 

Titles: lyrics by Ron Paul:(Forgot To Remember), Christopher Wisdom:(Going For The Gold), Katie Sage:(Everyday You), Suzanne Carroll:(Just You And Me), Aisha De Freitas:(Long Story Short), Barry Watson:(Take Me Back), Cosette Dubei:(No Pain No Gain), Liam O’Grady:(Faith Is Just Believing), Malte Schlake:(Dreams Of Mine), Mike Daniels:(Living Out My Dream), Sarah Harris:(Masterpiece, Fairy Tale), Zane Kuchera:(Faith Is Just Believing, Dreams Of Mine) 9/2/22 Album Notes

In Voice 2021
Music & performance: Zane Kuchera, lyrics: Ron Paul, David M. Murray, Christopher Wisdom, Keith Gilman, Katie Sage, Tate-Madison Bell, Bogi Taylor, John Longmuir, and Suzanne Carroll.

“In Voice 2021” is a Pop/Adult Contemporary/Jazz/Easy Listening vocal album. A collection of 20 original songs with lyricists spanning the globe, including Spain, Hungary, Ireland, US, and the UK. 

Titles: lyrics by Ron Paul: (Breaking News, Chasing Tomorrow, In Love’s Power To Hold, Lines By Default, Tearing Apart), lyrics by David M. Murray: (Christmas Was Here, Fourth And Vine, You Drive Me Crazy), lyrics by Christopher Wisdom: (Don’t Even Want To Try), lyrics by Keith Gilman: (Holdin’ On, Someday, Talking In The Rain, Where Do You Go?), lyrics by Katie Sage: (Inner True), lyrics by Suzanne Carroll: (The Only Home I Know), lyrics by Tate-Madison Bell: (Lavender Fields), lyrics by Bogi Taylor: (Let In The Breezy, Letters In A Book, Tiny Stars), lyrics by John Longmuir: (Somewhere) 12/21/21 Album Notes

Involved 2020
Music: Zane Kuchera

Involved 2020: Focusing on the Jazz/Pop/Adult Contemporary music compositions and small ensemble arrangements, this new album “Involved 2020” contains all instrumental versions of the 20 songs I created during the 2020 isolating world pandemic. I got involved with lyricists living all over the world, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Hungary, Ireland, India, New York City, Washington, Idaho, and California, and wrote more music than ever before.

Titles: A Good Life, Breaking News, Chasing Tomorrow, Dream Ago, Everything We Are, Holding Christmas in Your Heart, I Am Because You Are, Let In The Breezy, Lines by Default, Make It, Someday, Somewhere, Talking in the Rain, Tearing Apart, The Road, There’s a Way, Tiny Stars, To Be Your Son Again, Tradewinds, Where Do You Go 6/5/21

Holding up the Sky
Music: Zane Kuchera, Words: Katie Sage (CA)

Holding up the Sky: Original pop music about life, love, hope, loss, and discovery. Created by the songwriting team that met in high school years ago, reunite with this, their debut album collaboration. Lyrics by Katie Sage, music and performances by Zane Kuchera. That’s Katie’s son, Elijah on the album cover. The songbook sheet music for piano and voice is available in my store on this website.

Titles: Where No Thorns Grow, Nothing Compares, Holding up the Sky, In This Moment, Misty Misty Morning, Why, Keep My Love with You, It’s Not Our Same World 1/27/19

Stage Work 2
Music: Zane Kuchera

Genre: Pop: Film Music
Stage Work 2: Contemporary instrumental songs uniquely rhythmic and varied, which was intended for a new musical that was never produced. The album cover shows Zane playfully grabbing his daughter, Alexandria, on a beach in Provincetown during Family Week. Music and performances by Zane Kuchera. The songbook sheet music for piano is available in my store on this website.

Titles: I Could Have Imagined This, My Goodbye, Not Forever, What Else Can I Do, I Could Have Imagined, Better Play Bingo, Papa, Go on Move On, My Love to You, Dancing and Gin 1/28/18

Film Work
Music: Zane Kuchera

Genre: Classical: Film Music
Film Work: Wildly diverse music for film cues, from full orchestral works intended as underscore for film cues ranging between comedy and horror, to gently sung songs in the forefront of a film cue without dialog; the montage. A rollercoaster of 29 tracks worth of music for film and TV. Music and performances by Zane Kuchera. The orchestral conductor’s score songbook for some of the film cues is available in my store on this website.

Titles: Film Score Demo 1, Film Score Demo2 Songs, Intertwined, Fantasy Magic Cue, Adventure Cue, Moderate Intensity Action Cue, Frolicking on the Sand, Intimate Ballad Cue, Slow Drama Cue, Erase Away Cue, Horror Cue, Good Enough, Conquering the Sea, Comedy Cue, Sleep Away, Secret Dreams, Anxious, You Use Me, Talking in the Rain, Ecstasy Dance, Love Takes Time Cue, My Whole World Is Blue Cue, Romantic Evening Cue, The Way Things Never Were, Slow Jazz, Christmas Is Here, Horror House 4/23/16

Stage Work (Unproduced Instrumentals For Musical Theatre)
Music: Zane Kuchera

Genre: Easy Listening: Musicals/Broadway
Stage Work: My first full instrumental score for a complete musical. Sadly never produced for stage. Shortly after my semesters on the Berklee campus, I spent the next 2 years part-time writing these 20 songs to existing lyrics from book, varying dramatically in emotion and instrumentation; some R&B, Jazz, Pop, and classical. I am very proud of these harmonically rich compositions. A little possessed by Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, and Burt Bacharach. The songbook sheet music for piano is available in my store on this website. The album cover is a photo of my 2 year old daughter, Alexandria, sitting on the bench of my Kawai baby grand piano, playing for daddy.

Titles: Overture, Hurry Quickly Hurry, Bright Lights are Tiny, I Want To Love That Man Up There, There Was a Girl, Evil Gets Closer, Jennifer, The Spell, Only Two, The Plot, A Little Lotion, Just the Way She Wants It Done, He Enchants Me, The Dedication, Good Work Is Hard To Find, Where Did She Go, I’m Just Evil, The Regret, Love Will Show Me the Way, Finale 11/5/10

Zane Kuchera Records Presents Singer/Songwriter Showcase Vol I
Words & Music: Various Artists

Genre: Pop
Showcase: 22 tracks of songs arranged and recorded in my Waltham recording studio by these brilliantly talented artists; Martha Rogers, Amy Syd, Jenee Halstead, Elena J, Rachel Katz, Zola, Jon Gilbert Leavitt and Wayne Fritsche. Yes, I’m in there too with a few songs. With none of these recordings released, and with that much pent-up talent, I released them as a promotional vehicle to get that music out to the public. However, music sharing and downloading had just become a thing, and independent CD stores didn’t know how to categorize and sell a CD with varied genre and songwriters.

Titles: A Dancer’s Grace, A Friendly Love, All I Can Think of Is You, An Armful of Flowers, Before I Go, Believe, Don’t Need To Be Right, Learning to Let Go, Lost, More Than There Are Stars, My Prayer, Not Too Much To Ask, Pinwheel of Time, Run, Sober, Social Lubrication, The Way Things Never Were, Too Beautiful, Tough Love, We Were OK, Yellow Balloon, Yours 1/1/08

Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” (A New Musical Soundtrack)
Music: Zane Kuchera

Genre: Easy Listening: Musicals/Broadway
Shakespeare: I was approached by a director needing original contemporary music using Shakespeare’s words and lyrics for an outdoor musical production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”, sort of like a “Shakespeare in the park” kind of thing, except it was set around a gazebo in Boston Metro-west. For their fifth anniversary show, the Gazebo Players of Medfield were putting on a little summertime Shakespeare in the park. This album contains all of the tracks used in the performances, including both sung (by me), instrumentals, and interludes. The songbook sheet music for piano and voice is available in my store on this website.

Titles: But Winter and Rough Weather, This Life Is Most Jolly, Sing Him Home, Wedding Is Great Juno’s Crown, Sweet Lovers Love the Spring 1/1/06

Words & Music: Zane Kuchera

Genre: 80’s Pop
Patterns: This is my first album released to the general public. Released in 2002, it contains my original music and recorded performances spanning 1980-2000, and includes some of my first songs ever written. The lyrics contain themes of love, loss, commitment, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Titles: All My Life, Haven’t Got a Clue, In Your Eyes, Simon Says, Tell Me When, Cathedrals, Fantasy, Somewhere In This World, Isn’t Enough 1/1/05


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Home – EP
“Home” (Pop/AC/Jazz) “Home” is about 2 broken people trying to be whole together and it just not working out, trying different ways to feel complete together and each one ending in disaster. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 11/25/22

Keep Telling Myself – EP
“Keep Telling Myself” (Pop/AC/Jazz) “I keep telling myself, won’t fall for your charms, I deserve better than this, before I suspected, I am back in your arms, losing myself in your kiss”. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 11/11/22

Ex Marks The Spot – EP
“Ex Marks The Spot” (Pop/AC/Folk swing) “Now I’m on my own splitting checks into two, I thought you were a treasure ’till you did me like you do, Ex marks the spot where my money goes, she don’t cut me no slack, she just wants that cash flow, oh”. Words: Jeff Kelly (TX), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 10/2/22

Piece of You – EP
“Piece Of You” (Pop/AC/Folk) “And there’s nothing I can do so darling please forgive me, I’ll take any piece of you that you’re willing to give me”. Words: Zoë aan de Wiel (Amsterdam), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 9/26/22

She’s Never Wrong – EP
“She’s Never Wrong” (Pop/AC/Folk) “She’s so righteous, she’s so strong, sometimes she might be mistaken, but she’s never wrong”. Words: Paul Tapp , music & performance: Zane Kuchera 9/18/22

Living Out My Dream – EP
“Living Out My Dream” (Pop/AC/Cabaret) “You said I’d never make it… didn’t have the strength to fly, but there’s power in my wings that nobody’s ever seen”. Words: Mike Daniels , music & performance: Zane Kuchera 9/1/22

Forgot To Remember – EP 
“Forgot To Remember” (Folk/Pop/AC) “I guess I have license, my age is a gift. I forgot to remember, but I remembered to kiss”. Words: Ron Paul (U.K.) , music & performance: Zane Kuchera 8/13/22

Take Me Back – EP
“Take Me Back” (pop/folk/country) – “There’s gonna be a lot more giving, a lot more living, take me back, to the old house, where I belong”. Words: Barry Watson (London, U.K.) , music & performance: Zane Kuchera 8/5/22

Everyday You – EP
“Everyday You” – You are my respite, my friend. Words: Katie Sage, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 7/28/22

Faith Is Just Believing – EP (Lyrics)
“Faith Is Just Believing” – Loving the abuser, rationalizing with a bully. (Alternative Indie Pop) Words: Liam O’Grady (Australia) & Zane Kuchera, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 7/22/22

No Pain No Gain – EP
“No Pain No Gain” – “I wanted to give you the world, but you only wished for the moon”. (Pop) Words by Cosette Dubei (Romania), music & performance by Zane Kuchera 6/14/22

Dreams Of Mine – EP (Lyrics)
“Dreams Of Mine” – “Seems there’s a time for everything, there’s a place for everyone, there’s a reason for these dreams… if you only keep believing”. Words & music by Malte Schlake (Germany) & Zane Kuchera. Performance by Zane Kuchera 5/28/22

Long Story Short – EP
“Long Story Short” (Pop) – Longing for that happy ending, real or imagined. Lyrics by Aisha De Freitas (Canada), music & performance by Zane Kuchera 5/20/22

Just You And Me (3 tracks) – EP
Pop. A joyful song about discovering new love, pushing past doubts and fears, being more than just friends, two hearts stronger together. Words by Suzanne Carroll (Ireland), music & performance by Zane Kuchera 5/7/22

Masterpiece (3 tracks) – EP
(Pop/AC) – “We weren’t a masterpiece. We were a catastrophe”. Lyrics by Sarah Harris of Synchronicity House Media, music and performance by Zane Kuchera 4/21/22

Fairy Tale (3 tracks) – EP
A Disney princess kind of song with words like “Jumping into fairy tales, looking for one that will last, finding it’s harder each time with a heart that’s made of glass”, and other profound and empathic lyrics by Sarah Harris of Synchronicity House Media, music & performance by Zane Kuchera 3/26/22

Going For The Gold (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary/Cabaret. An Olympic athlete’s sacrifices and emotional struggles portrayed as an upward climb towards distant goals while also feeling hungry for a fullness forced to deny. Words: Christopher Wisdom, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 3/11/22

You Drive Me Crazy (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary. “They say what attracts are opposites well I guess we’re the proof of that. You make me smile all the while and chase away my blues. And I’ve become accustom to your quirks and peccadillos”. Words: David M. Murray, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 11/15/21

Don’t Even Want To Try (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary. “Remembering what love was like for you and I in days gone by”. Words: Christopher Wisdom, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 10/29/21

Christmas Was Here (3 tracks) – EP
Holiday/Christmas/Pop/Adult Contemporary. “Won’t it be the merriest of times when there’s peace in our hearts and carols that rhyme?”. Original pop contemporary Christmas holiday song accompanied by a full orchestra. Words: David M. Murray, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 10/17/21

The Only Home I Know (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary. “Losing the home you have grown up in and then having the once in a lifetime opportunity to buy the house back in later years with your love and starting a new life in that home”. Words: Suzanne Carroll (Ireland), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 10/9/21

Fourth and Vine (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Cabaret/Adult Contemporary. “A tear ran down my face, I was frozen in my tracks, seeing you on the corner like that, without the guts to act”. Words: David M. Murray, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 10/8/21

In Love’s Power To Hold (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/R&B. “Gripped to entwine, moments defined in loves power to hold, captured in chains, never disdained in loves power to hold”. Words: Ron Paul (U.K.), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 10/4/21

Inner True (3 tracks) – EP
Easy Listening/Adult Contemporary. “Finding the meaning in one’s own life despite the buzz of the outside world”. Words: Katie Sage, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 8/18/21

Holding’ On (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/R&B. “The crossroads where newfound independence meets reality”. Words: Keith Gilman, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 8/9/21

Lavender Fields (A Skeptic’s Love Song) (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary. Words: Tate-Madison Bell (Spain), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 8/3/21

Letters In A Book (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary. “We are collectively greater than the sum of our parts”. Words: Bogi Taylor (Hungary), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 7/18/21

Let In The Breezy (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary. “Your life begins when you step out of your comfort zone”. Words: Bogi Taylor (Hungary), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 5/14/21
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Somewhere (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary. Filled with good feelings and a jazzy rhythm, and lyrics like “Before me are the reasons, a window to my future, forever in my heart”. Words: John Longmuir, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 4/2/21
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Chasing Tomorrow (3 tracks) – EP
Pop/Adult Contemporary. Is everyday the same or are we looking for that unique moment where we can reflect upon it as being special? Will tomorrow be that day? Words: Ron Paul (U.K.), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 4/2/21
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Tearing Apart
Tearing Apart (Instrumental)
Pop/Folk/Country/Cabaret. With lyrics like “Don’t Play Me The Way That You Do”… dynamic songwriting team from the US and UK perform a story about lovers tearing apart with the hopes of new starts. Gentle piano and strings accompaniment. Words: Ron Paul (U.K.), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 2/19/21

Someday (Instrumental)
Pop/R&B. A lover who has a Jekyll/Hyde personality… but it’s complicated. Words: Keith Gilman, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 2/12/21

Where Do You Go?
Where Do You Go? (Instrumental)
Uptempo Pop/R&B. Has she been cheating on me behind my back? Distance is not always a matter of feet and inches. Words: Keith Gilman, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 1/22/21

Breaking News
Breaking News (Instrumental)
Breaking News (Acoustic)
Pop/Folk/Country/Cabaret. A husband just learned, after a drunken stupor, that he’s becoming a father. Gentle guitar/string section. Words: Ron Paul (U.K.), music & performance : Zane Kuchera 1/15/21

Tiny Stars
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Tiny Stars (Instrumental)
Pop. A Disney-like song about reaching for the stars, your miracles and fantasies. Words by a young woman from Hungary; Bogi Taylor, music & performance by a Berklee College of Music graduate; Zane Kuchera 1/1/21

Talking In The Rain
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Talking In The Rain (Instrumental)
Pop/Adult Contemporary. Lovers public quarrel but still a safe space. Words: Keith Gilman, music & performance: Zane Kuchera 12/25/20

Lines By Default
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Backing vocal arrangement & performance by Elaine Mata Jones (Elaine Mata Jones on Apple Music) (Elaine Mata Jones on Spotify)
Lines By Default (Instrumental)
Pop/Adult Contemporary. Words inspired by Banksy painting the girl with the balloons that was shredded at an auction. The beauty and greed of art. Words: Ron Paul (U.K.), music & performance: Zane Kuchera 12/18/20

Don’t Need To Be Right (Instrumental) 12/4/20

Hold Christmas In Your Heart (Instrumental)
Pop/Adult Contemporary. Having the courage to leave an emotionally abusive relationship. Words and music: Elena Joyner & Zane Kuchera 12/2/20

Dream Ago
Dream Ago (Instrumental)
Music: Zane Kuchera, words: Katie Sage
Genre: Pop 11/7/20

Everything We Are
Everything We Are (Instrumental)
Music: Zane Kuchera, words: Katie Sage
Genre: Pop 11/7/20

There’s A Way
There’s A Way (Instrumental)
Music: Zane Kuchera, words: Katie Sage
Genre: Pop 11/7/20

Tradewinds (Instrumental)
Music: Zane Kuchera, words: Katie Sage
Genre: Pop 11/7/20

I Did It Again (feat. Elena J)
10/30/20 Words & music: Zane Kuchera & Elena Joyner
Genre: Pop/R&B 10/30/20

Scary Night Train
Music: Zane Kuchera
Genre: Classical: Film Music
Scary Night Train: This instrumental single would have been used in the opening scene for a musical, setting the stage for a train slowly entering a small town on a dark and stormy night, giving foreshadowing to the drama that awaits. Scary. 10/29/10

Horror House
Music: Zane Kuchera
Genre: Classical: Film Music
Horror House: Perfect for Halloween, I wrote this instrumental song as an assignment in my MIDI class at Berklee College of Music in 2004, and it contains creaking doors, footsteps in the dark, gun shots, werewolves, orchestra hits and organ stabs. Fun. 10/29/10


  • “I love the music melody and chord parts on One to care ,  followed by the voices inside verse …. and later the remembering verse ….” – Z. Shuman (Songwriter/Performer)
  • “Beautiful words/sentiment, lovely melody and performance!” – H. Auerbach, PhD.
  • … Soothing.” – M. Kirk
  • Very Chick Corea!” – K. Cameron S.
  • Very pretty and a haunting melody…” – Rick K.
  • “This is really cool, Zane.  My ears instantly perked up at the second chord.  You have such a wonderful way of serving up something harmonically unexpected that makes me want to hear more.  And there were several times where I think the phrase crossed the barline with some kind of hemiola or stretched out beat.  That has the same effect of drawing me in.  I LOVED your harmony at the end.  It has just enough dissonance to evoke a sense of another place and time. “ – M. Rogers (Music Educator/Songwriter)
  • “Love both lyrics and music. Really like this and I believe you found the soul of the song with music” – Judy Appel, Mystic Fish Blog (
  • “Well done! Nice catchy hook on chorus – bravo!” – Zola, Tulip Productions (
  • “Zane, these songs are both so rich and full.  I just listened once so far and I’m moved again by what a difference in your music when you have a good lyricist.  The phrasing makes sense.  The chord progressions and the places of resonance or tension have meaning within the message of the text so the music and the lyrics work together.  It’s really cool to hear you get to use your abundant talents with someone who can match your level of experience and skill.  Keep going!” – M. Rogers (Music Educator/Songwriter)